Väliseestlane Keila JK U-13 treeningul

Väliseestlane Keila JK U-13 treeningul

Perioodil 8.-15.juuni osales Keila JK U-13 võistkonna treeningutel Ameerikas elav väliseestlane Michael Andro D’Souza. &

Tegime Atlantas elava Michaeliga lühikese intervjuu, mille viisime läbi inglise keeles.

What do you like in Estonia?

I like nature, soccer practice, my family, and candy stores. I liked my practice team a lot, and Silvio, who helped me with translating of what we had to do.

How long have you played football and what team do you play for in USA?

I have played for 9 years, and my club is DDY Wolves. Last few years I have played for Elite team and we won our off-season tournament in May.

How would you describe the training quality of Keila Jalgpalliklubi?

Good, fun, and helpful. I enjoyed learning some new exercises. Our coach was very nice. He kept good discipline in the practice – he let us fool around when there was time for it, and kept us disciplined when he wanted us to do stuff.

Who is going to win the World Cup 2018?

I am fan of Germany, but I think Brazil will win the World Cup.

All the best to Michael and his team! 👍⚽

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